Inerbadass takes the wheel.

Here lies an unfolding chronicle of a journey of self discovery. I’m intrigued by videos fed to me by an algorithm which depict people who took control of their lives - Day 1 190 lbs, 6 months later 120 lbs and 30 years younger. Today I actually looked up “what does a facelift cost”. SMH. The people in those transformation videos have always seemed so different than me. I  believe I have more stress than a typical wife and mom and I’m tired of obsessing about it. My avid love of gardening was tainted by 2 valley fever nodules which took up residence in my lungs 2 years ago which present recurring physical challenges, and everyday I wake in so much pain that I swear my skeleton will fall to the ground in a heap of dust after all of my bones break free from their painful sockets, yet I get out of bed and survive through another day tackling the bare minimum. I blame my health, stress, my sedentary job, politics, world events, then fall asleep and repeat. But today seems different. While on day 5 of my introductory exercise routine, a phrase came to me and in an instant I saw the start of the next chapter, and it’s titled Inerbadass. I’m no different from the heroines in all those videos I consume everyday. They just started moving their bodies - can it be as simple as i need to start moving mine? The mind can’t live without the body, or can it? Chicken or the egg? Do I hurt because I sit still? Or do I sit still because I hurt? Time to find out.

So to my pain inerbadass says, I acknowledge you, yet i’m moving through you. As I do I promise not to push to the threshold of excruciating but I will push outside your comfort zone. Inerbadass is taking over and not letting the pain pin this soul down any longer. 

BTW, I realize Inerbadass is spelled with 2 n’s, but some dillhole decided to buy and park the domain and wants over $3,400 for it so Inerbadass it is. The missing ‘N’ a  reminder we don’t bend to others Nonsense. Stick around and see if IB is triumphant, or if she returns to the couch with a bag of Simply Lays and seeks refuge in a marathon of Friends reruns. In the meantime, checkout some artwork here and be inspired to start seeing your life in a new perspective.

P.s. 212 is the boiling point of water and I believe I have reached it.

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