Care for the body if you want soul to survive

Tonight felt like a good cheat day. Poured a glass, sat on the couch, turned on an episode of Entourage and settled in. Then I heard inerbadass whisper a reminder that she was in charge, so to the workout room I went. During the centering exercise, IB jumped in and facilitated a long needed negotiation between body and soul. See soul has been neglecting body and body has been neglecting soul. Apart they have not been thriving, holding each other back in fact. So each agreed to hold space for the other and stop focusing on their own needs. So the newly reacquainted pair carried on with the wall Pilates and quickly started lamenting on the simplicity of the movements and the degree of pain that came with making them. This shouldn’t hurt this intensely, how did I get to this elderly state of being? Inerbadass then interrupted with a reminder to let go of judgement and just feel the sensations. There are people who aren’t able to achieve what I’m able to achieve and I need to dial up the gratitude for where my body is today. It could always be worse. Be like the woman feeding the flock the in the square in Barcelona, be generous, grateful, and remember to be kind - especially to yourself.
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